Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The First Snow

I wanted to start by saying Maury asked if he could write the next blog and I said yes, but he has been so busy and not feeling well, I decided I would update one more time and then he can do the NEXT one! :)

Last night we went to Bed Bath and Beyond to return a few duplicate wedding gifts and as we were driving Maury said "is that snow?!"  I looked out the car window a little more closely and could see a tiny bit of snow falling.  This has happened one other time since I've been here, but it only lasted a few minutes and none of it stuck so I didn't want to get my hopes up.  We went into Bed Bath and Beyond and shopped around getting a few essentials and then decided to go back to the apartment and watch the Lakers game.  We walked outside to real snow!! It was sticking and coming down pretty well! I tried to take pictures but since there wasn't much yet it was basically impossible.  We got back to the apartment and turned on the game, I heated up Pa's chili we had from the night before and we just relaxed watching the Lakers.  I completely forgot it was snowing.  Maury got up to go to the kitchen, yes we ate in the living room last night, and when he looked outside he said "Oh my goodness, it's really snowing!" I jumped up and ran outside on our balcony and got SO excited! The ground was completely covered and all of the cars looked white! I got my rain boots on, my jacket and my camera and ran downstairs to take pictures!! (We live on the 3rd floor) It was exciting for me to be in the snow when it was actually snowing for the first time.  I didn't even realize how cold it was until we got back into the apartment! So here are a few pictures I snapped from our first real snow here in Washington since we've been here!

Our view from the 3rd floor


I loved being out in the middle of it all

Maury's truck was quickly being covered

My foot prints on the side walk. I was very fascinated!

Maury was such a good sport for coming outside with me.  He really wasn't feel well and fell asleep on the couch about 10 minutes after we got back inside.  Thanks for coming outside with me babe :) 

I was very happy to be covered in snow :) 

I also wanted to tell everyone that reads this, Maury and I bought plane tickets last night to come home in February! I don't know if I want to post dates and plans on here, but call or text us and we will fill you in :) We can't wait to see everyone in a month!!!


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  1. Love the pictures...How long will you be visiting? If you have time I would love for both of you to come over and we could make "clam chowder"..let me know! Love the "SNOW" pictures (so do the kids) Love you both :)