Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Visiting Home

This past weekend Maury and I got to go to Fresno for a MUCH needed trip home! Before we went home we jam packed our days with friend and family to make sure we could see everyone! We flew into Sacramento on Thursday night and stayed with my parents in their RV.  They get to follow Seth and Davis baseball around and watch each game which is such a cool opportunity for them.

Friday morning we woke up bright and early and met Seth in downtown Davis at Crepeville. Amazing breakfast, I can't wait to have it again!
With my favorite boys (my dad was moving the car so he wasn't in the picture)

After breakfast my dad gave us a tour of Davis and the campus.  Then it was off to Vacaville for some wonderful outlet shopping!! One of the things I miss the most about being in Fresno is all of the shopping with my mom, it just isn't as fun without the best shopping partner! My mom and I shopped at Gucci and Juicy and my dad and Maury shopped at Nike and Under Armour.
Maury and I with our goodies

That afternoon we left Davis and drove to Fresno to see family and friends! We went straight to Pinedale and I got to surprise all of my favorite students and co-workers! Kim and Katie's screams were priceless! I was so excited to see the kids and it was great to have them just as excited to see me! Friday night we had Chili Night at Grandma and Pa's with allll of our family! It was so great to see everyone and enjoy wonderful conversations.  I can't wait to be in Fresno for good and never miss one of these get togethers. (I was talking and laughing so much I forgot to take pictures! Total bummer!)

Saturday we had lunch with all of my friends at the one and only Casa Corona. It was so wonderful to have everyone together at our favorite restaurant.  I can't remember the last time we were ALL together. Saturday night Jordana and I threw a bridal shower for Debbie Parker, soon the be Stankevich.  It was a very fun shower and great girl time.

Debbie and I

All of my best girlfriends 

Sunday morning we had breakfast with my aunt and uncle and then it was back to Davis for some baseball before coming back to Washington! The games on Friday and Saturday were rained out so we made it back to Davis in time for game number 2 on Sunday!

Me, my mom and grandma :) Triplets! 

Dinner at Bistro 33 in Downtown Davis

Family Dinner

Maury and I got back to Washington Monday night and were greeted by freezing weather. Its been snowing all morning and isn't suppose to stop until this weekend! We had a great trip home and wish it could have lasted longer.

Until next time,


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Day of Love

Happy Valentines Day everyone!! This year was a special one because not only are Maury and I newly married but this is our first Valentines Day actually together! Last year he was in Iraq and the year before that we weren't dating yet, but we talked a lot (starting to like each other) and he was out in the field for training! So to say the least, this was exciting!

Maury had to work most of the day but the first surprise of the day was that he got off work early! As soon as he got home we exchanged gifts because I couldn't wait any longer! I opened my presents first and got

A Starbucks Card
Sees Chocolate....loveee Chocolate Bordeaux

and Maury got a new Dodgers hat! 

Then we went out to dinner at a place called Fujiami which was a fantastic tepenyaki place! I'm so glad we found one we like here because I have really been missing Sakanaya! After dinner we were so excited to watch The Bachelor!! Yes thats right, Maury does like it even though he will probably deny it! We got a bottle of our new favorite wine Robert Mondavi Merlot and enjoyed a few glasses of that with some chocolate and The Bachelor! 

All together it was a great Valentines Day and I'm so lucky to know who I will spend every Valentines Day with from now on :) 

With Love,

The Turner's 

One last thing, we have noticed a lot of views on our blog but we aren't sure who is looking at it or if we want those people looking at it (haha) So we are going to make our blog private! All you have to do is push the Follow button and then you can read our blog! You don't have to make a blog to read is so FOLLOW us :) 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What To Say?!

So it's been a long time since the last blog post, but thats because nothing TO exciting is going on here in Washington.  Maury has had a lot of work to do and I've been working on keeping the apartment, laundry, and dishes clean! It is quite the chore and I now have a whole new respect for my mom and all of the things she does!! :)

We are coming home SO soon and are both so excited to see everyone! I'm sure the trip is going to go by so fast, but we are going to try to soak in all of the time with our favorite people! :) Until then here are a few of our favorite wedding pictures!! :)

The one and only Dani Mac 

Uhh?! Haha My dad had to iron Maury's pants for him! Priceless!

Lakers Tickets on our honeymoon

The best family

There was a lot of dancing before the ceremony! Alex and Dani showing off some moves

Kelsey teaching us how to Duggie

My dad practicing his Duggie moves

Dancing the night away!

We have so many pictures and love each of them, it's so hard to pick favorites! 

Until next time,

Brie :)