Thursday, April 28, 2011

Breakfast With Cousin's

While I was in Fresno I got to have breakfast with 4 of my all time favorite girls! Dani Mac, Channelle, Alex, and of course the one and only Lucy!! :) I am so grateful for each of these relationships individually and then put us all in one room together and it is guaranteed to be a great time! I can't wait to move home and get to spend more quality time with each of them.  Lucy is growing up so fast and is SO smart,  I just love her so much! I almost cried when she knew who I was and could say "Auntie BB"! Of  course, the only pictures I took were of Lucy, but she is just so darn cute, I couldn't resist :)


Breakfast with Momma and Aunties 

Being Silly

Cha Cha and Lucy with her bow

Auntie BB and Lucy

Kisses :)

How could I not LOVE these ladies!?
We missed you at breakfast Lindsey!
(This picture was from the photo booth at my bachelorette party!)

I am so grateful Dani made breakfast for us and let us hang out all morning! I can't wait for more of these mornings once we live in Fresno again.  Also, a BIG congrats to Channelle and Jordan who got engaged a few days after I left Fresno! It's time for another family wedding and great time!! :) 

Until next time,

Brie :) 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Team Stankevich Wedding!

While I was home I got to be a part of a beautiful wedding.  My maid of honor and wonderful friend Debbie Parker got to marry her best friend Vlad! Vlad proposed to Debbie the morning after my wedding and they got married 4 months later! Anyone that has planned a wedding knows how stressful it can be, but Debbie was on a mission and made it look so simple. I was sad to not be there for the whole planning process but it was very exciting to be there for the last minute details and preparations for her big day. Before I was married I attended weddings and thought it was so sweet and such a far away dream.  This was the first wedding I have been to since mine, and I was surprised how emotional I got thinking about how I had just said similar vows and had my special day just 4 months earlier. I am lucky to be married to such a wonderful man and it made me so happy to see my friend marrying someone who loves her so much!  I can't wait to move back to Fresno and spend more time with Team Stank! :)

The beautiful bride getting pampered the morning before
Ready to get into our dresses!!

Boston and Jordan sticking their tongue's out at me

Beautiful :) 

Their first look

So happy!

The newest Parker Family addition Brecker

Love this family so much--All of the Parker's

Friends Forever


My dad and mom at the wedding!

Joey is Debbie's brother who also sang at our wedding!

Walking down the isle as a bridesmaid this time :) 

Debbie and her dad :) 

Mr. and Mrs. Stankevich 

Debbie, Kourtney, Jennifer and Me 
Best friends our senior year of high school--just missing Annie!!

My parents and I with the bride and groom
(This was taken with my Iphone so the quality isn't that great!)

Joey, me, and Jordana

I love my Jordie Girl :) 

Love these ladies!
Joy, Callan, Meghan, Beth, Sarah, Jordana, me, Emily and Debbie 

Of course we had to do a funny face

The best roommate's I could have ever asked for the year before I got married!
Sarah, Beth Meghan and me (Missing Kelly!)

The Wedding Party!!! 

All together it was a wonderful day celebrating the new marriage of Debbie and Vlad! I am so glad I got to be a part of it and stand by Debbie's side!

Until next time,

Brie :) 

Spring Break?!

I guess you could say I still got to have a 'Spring Break' this year even though I'm not in school.  Instead of it lasting a week, mine was two wonderful weeks! My spring break started with flying into Sacramento Tuesday morning (the 12th) and going to a UC Davis baseball game with my parents. My brother and I have such a wonderful relationship that has grown so much as we have grown up.  At my wedding he said something funny that I am still laughing about today, he said "I am probably the only person that could make Brie cry with only saying any one word." Haha luckily that isn't still true, but we really used to duke it out when we were younger. (What brother and sister didn't?) Before the game my brother waved me down to the doug-out and we got to talk and catch up before the game, which was nice! :)

I LOVE getting to watch him play

California vs Washington, how embarrassing!

After the game we went to dinner at The Graduate!

Mom and Brother :) 

Dad and Brother :) 

I wish Maury could have gone home with me too, but he had to stay behind for work this time :( Next on the spring break trip was my sweet friend Debbie Parker's (now Stankevich) wedding!! Also Wicked with my mom and lots of shopping, food, and visiting with friends! :)

Until next time,

Brie :)

Friday, April 8, 2011


I am so excited to see Wicked when I am home!! This will be my third time seeing it, but I know it will be just as wonderful as the first time I saw it!! I will have seen it in LA, New York on Broadway and FRESNO?! Not many exciting things happen in Fresno, but when I found out Wicked was going to be there, I knew I couldn't miss it! Another exciting part of going is that each time I have seen the show I've been with my mom. In Fresno it will be only her and I going, which I am beyond excited for! We are able to compare each show together and talk about our favorite parts! I will be sure to write a blog about the show after we see it!

The first time was in LA with my Grandma and Mom!

In LA at the Pantages Theater

Grandma and Mom

I was so anxious for it to start!

Seeing it in New York was quite the experience! This time the whole family saw it together! My Mom, Dad, Seth, Taylor, Maury and I.  Also Julie (Taylor's mom) and Lori/Auntie (Taylor's Aunt) saw it with us but we weren't able to sit together.

Maury and I

Seth and Taylor

Damon and Kim ( Dad and Mom)

Going to our seats!

My Dad, Seth and Maury actually really liked it!

My love 

And next......

Wicked in FRESNO!!! :) 

Until next time,