Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Callan Comes To Seattle

This past weekend I got Callan Sturgis all to myself! It was so exciting to have a friend here and show her all around the area.  I must say I am getting better at navigating this place all on my own, but I still sometimes go the wrong way for awhile before I find my way back.  Callan was a great sport and was right along for the ride with me. I was at the airport bright and early and we headed straight into Seattle! Our first stop, of course, was the first Starbucks.  We were ready for our morning coffee!

Together at last

After coffee we enjoyed the AMAZING weather walking around Pikes Place Market and the Water Front!  We got the idea to do the Underground Tour at 11:50 and walked 5 blocks so fast to get there for the first tour, but missed it! So we bought tickets for the next tour and waited about an hour for it!

Callan riding a pig in the middle of Pikes Place, I was mortified!

The best little donut stand in Pikes Place Market

It was such a beautiful day!!!

Friends Forever

Maury was suppose to be at work all day Friday but there was a nail in his tire and I happened to be in Seattle, so he got the day off from work and enjoyed video games and alone time! Once we finished walking around Seattle and had lunch on the patio at Steamers we headed back to our apartment.  There was a TON of traffic, so of course we stopped and shopped at H&M in Tacoma! That night we had dinner by our house at Sushi Train and ended the night watching our wedding video since Callan didn't get to be there.

Maury and I at dinner (Callan's new camera has really cool settings!)
Callan and I...I look like I'm wearing something different! Haha

Saturday morning we lounged around most of the morning because Callan and I had both been up by 4am Friday morning! Once we got ready, we headed back into Seattle to see The Seattle Art Museum and the Space Needle.  The weather wasn't as good but we were indoor for both things, so it worked out perfectly!

Crazy Art

Maury and I looking at this awesome piece made out of thousands of dog tags

Reading about another art piece

Callan and I on top of the Space Needle

The three amigos in front of the Space Needle with Callan's Super Special (camera) Setting!

Saturday night ended with take out Wok on Fire, a mongolian bbq by our house and the movie The Switch.  Sunday morning came way to early when Callan had to go back to Santa Cruz at 9 am :( I am so glad she was able to make a trip here alone.  We had wonderful conversations and I always feel so lucky to get advice or her opinion on life! She is an extremely wise woman that I am very blessed to call a friend! Come back soon Callan!!!

Until Next Time,


Monday, March 21, 2011

Team Turner Adventure!

On Saturday we decided to start a new tradition which will include switching off weekends where we plan something fun to do on Saturday afternoons! Since this was the first weekend and it was my idea, I planned the day for us and kept calling it "Team Turner Adventure Part 1, Part 2..." and so on! Part 1 of this adventure was having Maury try Starbucks.  I was very excited for this because I want him to start liking it like I do. I started him out with something very simple, a Mocha Frap! He liked it which is a great start!

Maury enjoying his coffee and showing that we are on our way to Part 2

Part 2 of the adventure was going into Seattle to enjoy the amazing weather! It was a very sunny day and not too cold, so it was perfect.  We tried a restaurant called Steamers right on the water and both really enjoyed it. The waterfront and Pikes Place were crowded with people but everyone just wanted to enjoy the sun! We walked around the city and did some shopping and then headed back towards home.  When we got close some of Maury's friends called and invited us to go to the casino with them, and we happened to be driving past it at that exact time, so it worked out perfectly! It was fun to just relax and laugh and try to win some money! Both of the guys ended up winning about $100 and Team Turner won $250!! Woohoo!

Beautiful Seattle 

Until next time,



Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Grandparents Came To Town- Day 2

On Saturday we woke up bright and early and drove to Seattle to show my grandparents around downtown.  It was raining and cold but we still enjoyed walking through Pikes Place Market and visiting the first Starbucks :)

Love Pikes Place, I wish it was closer so we could shop there

To get out of the rain we decided to go to the Museum of Flight.  We went when my parents were here and knew my grandpa would love it and really appreciate it!  One day at this place isn't enough, there is way to much to see, read and explore! Part of the Museum of Flight is walking through Air Force One (used by Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon) and the Concorde which is the fastest jetliner!

Air Force One

Grandpa sitting in a cockpit 

While at the Museum of Flight we got to sit in on a presentation from a pilot and astronaut named "Hoot" Gibson.  It was actually really cool to listen to him talk and I didn't even realize how big of a person he is.  He was the in the next Space Shuttle launch after the Challenger accident and took one of the most famous NASA photographs. 

I took this with my Iphone so its not that great of quality but this is Hoot and the famous NASA picture he took!

Once we got out of the presentation the sun was out and shining! There wasn't a cloud in the sky so we quickly drove back into downtown Seattle to take my grandparents to the top of the Space Needle.  They were both so nervous because they are scared of heights but they LOVED it!

Love the Space Needle on a clear day

My adorable grandparents! Of course it was very windy

My Love :)

It turned out to be such a pretty day

Maury found my car from the Space Needle (obviously he zoomed in to take the picture)

We finished the day with dinner at Casa Mia (our favorite little Italian restaurant here) with my grandparents, my grandpa's half brother Don (who's 77th birthday it was) and his daughter Vicki and her husband Terry.  They live about 15 miles from us here in Washington, so it was nice to meet them!

Sunday morning we met my grandparents at Ship Wreck Cafe for breakfast before they were back on the road home.  It was a very quick trip but it was so nice to spend time with them and see familiar faces. I can't wait for my grandma to come back this summer with my mom, Aunt Stacey, and cousin Nicole for her 8th grade graduation trip! I foresee a lot of shopping during that trip!! ;) 

Grandpa, Grandma, me and Maury right before going to the top of the Space Needle :)

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Grandparents Came To Town - Day 1

This weekend we had the opportunity to show my wonderful grandparents around Seattle and Olympia! Let me just say, I've been exhausted ever since they left because they wanted to see so much, it was so nice.  They got to town by noon on Friday and we didn't waste any time, we got right back into the car and I got to give my first solo tour of the military base! Once Maury got off work we had a quick lunch and then rushed to Olympia in hopes to get into the Capitol building before it closed.

I was impressed if this was as close as we were going to get, but that wasn't enough for my grandpa

Grandpa running up the stairs to get us inside before 5pm!

Let's just say we got inside and were given a private tour by a guy named Paul.  He seriously went above and beyond showing us the Lt Governors office and insisting we sit at his desk and take pictures. He gave us so much information and history and my grandpa was so thrilled. The trip could have been over for him right there probably! Haha

Maury and I inside the House Chamber

Maury at the Lt Governors Desk

Then it was my turn

The Governors Office

The entire building was beautiful marble inside, solid oak doors, and gold trims everywhere. It honestly was breath taking and I'm so glad my grandpa insisted we go and walk around.  We finished off the day with a long walk around Capitol Lake watching the sun go down and having great conversations with two of my favorite people in the world! After dinner we came back to our apartment and watched live updates of the UC Davis baseball game that my brother was playing in.

Have you seen this cute boy?! He had a great game and we are all so proud of him! Go #8!! :)

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Thursday, March 10, 2011


I've realized I'm not the best at updating our blog. I want to update it more often, but every time I think about it, there isn't much to say. I'm going to set a goal of updating at least once a week, even if it's not that exciting!

After our trip home and visiting Ikea for the first time, I decided that store was going to be my new favorite store.  Maury and I have been talking about things we want to buy or get to decorate our apartment, so obviously I went straight to the Ikea website for ideas and to make a wish list :) We got a few things, but I want to finish some things before I post pictures of our apartment.

We got these pillows for our couches, which I LOVE

and this floor lamp, but the picture doesn't do it justice

I am very motivated to get things done because this weekend my grandparents will be here to visit and in two short weeks the one and only Callan Sturgis will be here for a weekend!! Our first official friend visitor (besides my parents and grandparents).  I just can't contain my excitement for the plans of people coming to visit!!! :) 

Until next time,