Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Day of Love

Happy Valentines Day everyone!! This year was a special one because not only are Maury and I newly married but this is our first Valentines Day actually together! Last year he was in Iraq and the year before that we weren't dating yet, but we talked a lot (starting to like each other) and he was out in the field for training! So to say the least, this was exciting!

Maury had to work most of the day but the first surprise of the day was that he got off work early! As soon as he got home we exchanged gifts because I couldn't wait any longer! I opened my presents first and got

A Starbucks Card
Sees Chocolate....loveee Chocolate Bordeaux

and Maury got a new Dodgers hat! 

Then we went out to dinner at a place called Fujiami which was a fantastic tepenyaki place! I'm so glad we found one we like here because I have really been missing Sakanaya! After dinner we were so excited to watch The Bachelor!! Yes thats right, Maury does like it even though he will probably deny it! We got a bottle of our new favorite wine Robert Mondavi Merlot and enjoyed a few glasses of that with some chocolate and The Bachelor! 

All together it was a great Valentines Day and I'm so lucky to know who I will spend every Valentines Day with from now on :) 

With Love,

The Turner's 

One last thing, we have noticed a lot of views on our blog but we aren't sure who is looking at it or if we want those people looking at it (haha) So we are going to make our blog private! All you have to do is push the Follow button and then you can read our blog! You don't have to make a blog to read is so FOLLOW us :) 

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  1. Glad your first Valentines Day was perfect! Only 2 days!!!