Monday, July 18, 2011

Beach Day

While I was home my mom and I planned a day trip to Pismo to see my grandparents who were vacationing there.  The afternoon before I decided we should surprise my grandparents and have my Aunt Stacey and cousin Nicole come with us! We are the four girls in the family so it turned out to be a great girls day with grandma and I think my grandpa loved having all of his girls in one place and all to himself! We talked, ate lots of food, shopped, walked on the beach, took lots of pictures and ate some more ;) By the time we had to get on the road to come home, Nicole had convinced her mom and my grandparents to let her stay the rest of their vacation! It was the perfect day and a great escape from the Fresno heat! :)

On the road bright and early
 My Mom, Nicole, me and Aunt Stacey

Mother and Daughter

Me and My Grandma 

Nicole and my Mom

Me and Aunt Stacey

The Girls :)
Nicole, Stacey, My mom, Grandma and me

Me, Nicole and Grandma

My Mom, me, Nicole, Grandma and Aunt Stacey

Me and my Grandma


Mother Daughter :) 

My mom and Nicole

Mother Daughter


Nicole and me :)

I finally got my FroYo!! :) 

Seriously, I love FroYo and miss it deeply when I'm in Washington

Nicole, Papa, Me and Grandma hanging out in their RV

Grandpa and his girls :) 

I have the cutest grandparents ever

Love my momma :) 

We forgot Aunt Stacey was getting our drinks!

We are laughing at grandpa because he brushed all of the peanut shells onto Grandma's lap while she was taking the picture! Haha Funny Guy!!

Grandpa thought he was so funny!

Girls Trip 2011 :) 

Until next time,

Brie :) 

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