Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Girls Nights

I have some of the best girl friends a girl could ever ask for! Each of my friends are so unique and we are all so different but so much the same.  When we get together there's always many hours of laughing and reminiscing.  I can't wait to live in Fresno again and spend more quality time with each of these girls.  As I get older I realize I can't choose who my family is, but I can choose my friends and they have become some of the best family I could ever ask for! :)

Debbie, Me, Dani, Emily, Kelly, Beth, Kelsey and Meghan 

Emily, Meghan and Kelly :) 

Emily, Me, Meghan and Kelly enjoying our limes :) 

Meghan and Sarah 

Debbie and Emily

Meghan and Sarah

Jordie, Beth and Me

I have pretty friends :)
Em, Deb, Beth, Jordie and Me

Dancing the night away

Haha love the candid shot!
Meghan, Beth, Sarah, Emily, Debbie and Jordie

Best Friends Forever (missed you Kelly!)

Sarah going for a swim ;) 

Cooling off on the hot summer night!

Love these girls

Pool Train?! Haha

I also got to have breakfast with my wonderful roommates from the year before Maury and I got married.  Living with these girls was the BEST thing for me while Maury was in Iraq.  These girls promised Maury they would take care of me while he was away and they went above and beyond that.  I am so blessed by each of them and couldn't have made it through the year without their support. I love each of you so much and will always remember our year together!
Kelly, Beth, Me, Meghan and Sarah

Until next time,

Brie :) 

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