Friday, July 15, 2011


Fresno, I do not miss the 108 degree weather, but I do miss my family and friends! Being home was so much fun and was jam packed with girls nights, family dinners, workouts, family BBQ's and even a bridal shower.  I loved spending quality time with my parents, family and girlfriends but really did miss Maury the whole time.  Going home without him is bitter sweet, because obviously I wish he could be there with me. Which is why, one week from today, we, The Turner's are jumping in the car and making the 14 hour drive home for a fun filled weekend!! :) Maury hasn't been home since February (I think) and I've been home many times since then, so this time we will go home together! WoOOoHooOO! :) Here are some of my favorite pictures from being home.

Casa Corona for Girls Night
Debbie, me, Dani, Emily, Kelly, Beth, Kelsey and Meghan

Girls Night at Emily's
Emily, me, Meghan and Kelly :) 

Surprise trip to Pismo to see the grandparents

Family Dinner
Uncle Scott, Grandpa, Mom, Jace, Nicole, Dad Jordan, me, Aunt Stacey and Grandma :)
Just missing my brother :( 

Another Girls Night at Emily's!
 Meghan, Emily, me, Beth, Sarah, Jordie and Debbie 

Roomie Breakfast
Kelly, Beth, Meghan, Sarah and me

Kelly Gross-soon to be Suhovy and me at her Bridal Shower :) 

Many many more pictures to come from the rest of the trip to Fresno...

Until next time,

Brie :) 

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