Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Suhovy

I am so glad I was able to be home and be a part of this very special day.  My dear friend Kelly Gross got married to the most perfect man for her, Bryan Suhovy.  I must say, I told Kelly from day one of our friendship (about 3 years ago) that I thought Bryan was the perfect guy for her.  But as everyone knows, she always said "No no no, we are just friends, plus we coach together so it would NEVEEEER work..."-Famous Last Words ;) Their wedding was absolutely beautiful and couldn't have turned out more perfect. I was a little worried about the Fresno weather when she told me August 12th and out doors, but surprisingly the weather wasn't bad at all, it was actually a very cool night!

Callan and Kelly working on the wedding flowers

Kelly's beautiful bouquet done by Callan

Kelly and her sister Heidi before the rehearsal 

Callan and Me

The beautiful ceremony and reception site


The Alter

Callan and Kelly

Me and Callan

Bridesmaid Dresses

Beautiful Bride

Me and Kel :) 

Ah-mazing cupcakes!!

Married!! :) 

Mr and Mrs Suhovy

First Dance

My mom and me at the reception 

(I did a horrible job taking pictures the day of the wedding, I was enjoying my time with the bride and friends way too much!!)

 The After Party took place at Jay's Sports Bar and Grill.  We just weren't ready for the fun to end when the DJ had to stop playing music.  I love my friends :) 
Emily, JT, Vlad and Debbie

Callan, Me and Emily

Sarah and Joey

Vlad, Debbie, Jordan and Meghan

Me and Emily

Darin and Sarah got ahold of my camera

The Stankevich's

Debbie and Joey taking over the dance floor

Jordan, Meghan and Darin loving each other

Me and Debbie :) 

Maury and I are so happy for you, Kelly and Bryan, and can't wait to be back in Fresno and able to hang out with you guys as often as we want to!

Until next time,

Brie :)

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