Monday, January 2, 2012

Lots of Updating

I have totally been slacking on updating our blog, but thats because MANY things have been going on since the last time I updated.  (Also, I'm still trying to decide if I will keep this up now that we are home) Because SO much has happened in the past month, this update will be everything in one!

Let's start with Maury signing out of the military for good.  This was a very special day for us and I don't think either of us will ever forget it!

Both of us with the last official piece of military paperwork that needed to be signed so we could come home!

There was also a going away dinner for Maury with the guys he's worked with for the past three years.
Smith, Carter and Maury
Me with the boys

Maury with Santos

Me and Santos

We also packed up our apartment and make the long drive home to Fresno!
Me with our apartment sign

And Maury

Once we were home we let the exciting times begin! Starting first with cousins night!
Matthew, Reza and Maury

My Mom, Aunt Stacey, Amber, Tiffany and me

Me and Tiff

Me and Matthew

We also celebrated our first year of marriage! I can't believe it's already been a year!! We did a little christmas shopping, drove down christmas tree lane and had an amazing dinner at Flemings.

Our wedding cake after one year! It still tasted good!

Maury's birthday is on Christmas Day, so this year we decided to celebrate a few days early with dinner and desert at my parents house!

Grandma and Aunt Stacey

Maury has lots of new books to read after his birthday and Christmas

Happy 25th Birthday my love! I hope it was a great golden birthday!

We have been having such a great time being home. We are adjusting to being here for good and not having to go back, but it is a good feeling.  We have loved getting to spend so much time with my parents and my aunt and uncle.

My Dad, Uncle Scott and Maury

Aunt Stacey and me

Everyone always thinks we are sisters :) 

Until next time,


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