Monday, March 21, 2011

Team Turner Adventure!

On Saturday we decided to start a new tradition which will include switching off weekends where we plan something fun to do on Saturday afternoons! Since this was the first weekend and it was my idea, I planned the day for us and kept calling it "Team Turner Adventure Part 1, Part 2..." and so on! Part 1 of this adventure was having Maury try Starbucks.  I was very excited for this because I want him to start liking it like I do. I started him out with something very simple, a Mocha Frap! He liked it which is a great start!

Maury enjoying his coffee and showing that we are on our way to Part 2

Part 2 of the adventure was going into Seattle to enjoy the amazing weather! It was a very sunny day and not too cold, so it was perfect.  We tried a restaurant called Steamers right on the water and both really enjoyed it. The waterfront and Pikes Place were crowded with people but everyone just wanted to enjoy the sun! We walked around the city and did some shopping and then headed back towards home.  When we got close some of Maury's friends called and invited us to go to the casino with them, and we happened to be driving past it at that exact time, so it worked out perfectly! It was fun to just relax and laugh and try to win some money! Both of the guys ended up winning about $100 and Team Turner won $250!! Woohoo!

Beautiful Seattle 

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  1. So happy you had a wonderful day - love the updates and pictures, can't wait for your next adventure - or more, where will Maury want to go!!! Love you both so much and miss you so much, Grandma

  2. Hey you did't tell me about the casino winnings!!!! Nice job! Glad to see Maury with Starbucks in his hand :-) I am here at Grandma Poplin's house and she got to see the post too! Can't wait to see you in 22 days!!! Love you guys, Mom