Thursday, March 10, 2011


I've realized I'm not the best at updating our blog. I want to update it more often, but every time I think about it, there isn't much to say. I'm going to set a goal of updating at least once a week, even if it's not that exciting!

After our trip home and visiting Ikea for the first time, I decided that store was going to be my new favorite store.  Maury and I have been talking about things we want to buy or get to decorate our apartment, so obviously I went straight to the Ikea website for ideas and to make a wish list :) We got a few things, but I want to finish some things before I post pictures of our apartment.

We got these pillows for our couches, which I LOVE

and this floor lamp, but the picture doesn't do it justice

I am very motivated to get things done because this weekend my grandparents will be here to visit and in two short weeks the one and only Callan Sturgis will be here for a weekend!! Our first official friend visitor (besides my parents and grandparents).  I just can't contain my excitement for the plans of people coming to visit!!! :) 

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