Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Grandparents Came To Town- Day 2

On Saturday we woke up bright and early and drove to Seattle to show my grandparents around downtown.  It was raining and cold but we still enjoyed walking through Pikes Place Market and visiting the first Starbucks :)

Love Pikes Place, I wish it was closer so we could shop there

To get out of the rain we decided to go to the Museum of Flight.  We went when my parents were here and knew my grandpa would love it and really appreciate it!  One day at this place isn't enough, there is way to much to see, read and explore! Part of the Museum of Flight is walking through Air Force One (used by Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon) and the Concorde which is the fastest jetliner!

Air Force One

Grandpa sitting in a cockpit 

While at the Museum of Flight we got to sit in on a presentation from a pilot and astronaut named "Hoot" Gibson.  It was actually really cool to listen to him talk and I didn't even realize how big of a person he is.  He was the in the next Space Shuttle launch after the Challenger accident and took one of the most famous NASA photographs. 

I took this with my Iphone so its not that great of quality but this is Hoot and the famous NASA picture he took!

Once we got out of the presentation the sun was out and shining! There wasn't a cloud in the sky so we quickly drove back into downtown Seattle to take my grandparents to the top of the Space Needle.  They were both so nervous because they are scared of heights but they LOVED it!

Love the Space Needle on a clear day

My adorable grandparents! Of course it was very windy

My Love :)

It turned out to be such a pretty day

Maury found my car from the Space Needle (obviously he zoomed in to take the picture)

We finished the day with dinner at Casa Mia (our favorite little Italian restaurant here) with my grandparents, my grandpa's half brother Don (who's 77th birthday it was) and his daughter Vicki and her husband Terry.  They live about 15 miles from us here in Washington, so it was nice to meet them!

Sunday morning we met my grandparents at Ship Wreck Cafe for breakfast before they were back on the road home.  It was a very quick trip but it was so nice to spend time with them and see familiar faces. I can't wait for my grandma to come back this summer with my mom, Aunt Stacey, and cousin Nicole for her 8th grade graduation trip! I foresee a lot of shopping during that trip!! ;) 

Grandpa, Grandma, me and Maury right before going to the top of the Space Needle :)

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