Monday, April 4, 2011

Maury's Turn

If you read a few posts back I talked about Maury and I started a new tradition, switching off planning something fun for Saturday afternoons.  The rules for plans, well there aren't really any, except it doesn't need to cost a lot of money and we just need to get out of the apartment and explore! :) So this past Saturday was Maury's turn and he did awesome! We went into Seattle and walked around Olympic Sculpture Park!! (It's free, so it's wonderful!) We had been before he left for Iraq, but we haven't been back since. It's so nice to be able to walk around, look at sculptures and try figuring out what they mean. The nice weather and conversation were an added bonus! :)

I finally figured out the self-timer on my camera :)

The beautiful sky line-with the Space Needle

Maury hasn't ever taken a kissing picture and I told him to turn towards the instead he tried to look at it while kissing me at the same time...HA! If you zoom in on the picture he looks so creepy!

Our favorite piece once we figured it out. It called Love & Loss 
(You can't really see the O or the E from this angle)

After walked around for about an hour Maury had made reservations at a newer sushi restaurant in downtown Seattle. We really enjoyed it but it was a little fancy for a sushi place so we kinda felt weird in it. It is called Nijo, but I don't think it can replace Imo's for us!

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