Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Break?!

I guess you could say I still got to have a 'Spring Break' this year even though I'm not in school.  Instead of it lasting a week, mine was two wonderful weeks! My spring break started with flying into Sacramento Tuesday morning (the 12th) and going to a UC Davis baseball game with my parents. My brother and I have such a wonderful relationship that has grown so much as we have grown up.  At my wedding he said something funny that I am still laughing about today, he said "I am probably the only person that could make Brie cry with only saying any one word." Haha luckily that isn't still true, but we really used to duke it out when we were younger. (What brother and sister didn't?) Before the game my brother waved me down to the doug-out and we got to talk and catch up before the game, which was nice! :)

I LOVE getting to watch him play

California vs Washington, how embarrassing!

After the game we went to dinner at The Graduate!

Mom and Brother :) 

Dad and Brother :) 

I wish Maury could have gone home with me too, but he had to stay behind for work this time :( Next on the spring break trip was my sweet friend Debbie Parker's (now Stankevich) wedding!! Also Wicked with my mom and lots of shopping, food, and visiting with friends! :)

Until next time,

Brie :)

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