Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Kelly and Bryan were wonderful guests to have visiting.  They had just finished a very long coaching season of Fresno Pacific Women's Water Polo (shout out-Go Sunbirds!) so they wanted their vacation to be relaxed and slow paced.  Before they came they had made a 'must see/do' list while in Washington so we just spread it out over the 5 days they were here! The second day they were here I was able to give them a tour of the military base. I enjoy getting to show people where Maury works and answer most questions they have about the base or his job. On this day Maury got off work while we happened to be on base, so we all left together and went to lunch.

Bryan and Kelly

Me and Maury

Me and Kelly

 At lunch we discovered something all four of us had never heard of and let me just say, things go pretty competitive and serious. Tabbies. Basically, you pay .25 cents-$1.00 for a little stub that has a pull-tab on it. If you pull it open and the images on the inside match one of four options on the box it came from you could win anywhere from $1.00 to hundreds of dollars!

This is a Tabbie

The Wall of Tabbies...So many options we had to get up close to pick lucky winners

Kelly and Bryan planning a strategy 

Watching her closely haha!

Kelly excited to open her Tabbie

The Turner's picked a winner!! A big $1.00 Winner!

Of course we had to put our winnings back in, bad idea.
(Maury couldn't make a sad face haha)

After lunch those wonderful boys took Kelly and I shopping....Well, we shopped while they played with IPad's in the Apple store :) We had dinner at Sushi Train at half-time of the Lakers game and I think it's safe to say we have two new Laker's fans after their trip to Washington ;) 

Until next time,

Brie :) 

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