Monday, May 2, 2011

Kelly Comes to Washington

So before I left Fresno, I did enough shopping with my mom to need to add a carry on bag to my luggage and enough eating to need to go back to the gym once I got back to Washington.  But the gym had to wait a week because my wonderful friend Kelly Gross, flew back with me!! We booked our flight together so we were able to sit next to each other and chat away the entire flight.  When we landed we both thought, wow that went by so fast and our second thought was, "I wonder if we bothered the people around us, since we never stopped talking and it was 9pm..."

Leaving Fresno :)

We got into Seattle pretty late and had to be up early the next morning to be back at the airport to pick up Kelly's boyfriend Bryan, who also spent the week with us!! It was so much fun to have a couple to hang out with here in Washington. Since Bryan and Kelly were here during the week, Maury had to work most days, but he had an extremely light work week and was off most days by noon! 

Once we picked up Bryan we went straight into Seattle for our morning coffee at the first Starbucks. We also got amazing donuts and breakfast sandwiches (why not?!) and ate our breakfast with a view! We spent most of the afternoon in Pikes Place trying fresh fruit, chocolate pasta, and smelling all of the flowers. It was PERFECT weather the entire week, so perfect Kelly and Bryan left promising to come back ;)

Bryan and Kelly at the first Starbucks

Bryan and Kelly eating breakfast

Bryan with a food truck (similar to Dusty Buns)

Kelly and I with the flowers Bryan bought us

Kelly and the pig 
(everyone that comes to visit must take this picture now!)

Soaking up the sun

We found this in Downtown Seattle

Seeing this wall was breath taking

 Bryan and Kelly walking on the cobblestone street


Bryan decided he wanted to cook dinner for us the first night. We got all fresh produce from Pikes Place and fresh fish. Bryan planned the whole menu which was Salmon,  Asparagus, and pasta with a nice glass (or two) of wine :) Once we got everything we needed we headed back to our apartment to meet Maury who had gotten off work early! We were all hungry for lunch so we took full advantage of the weather and walked to Costco for hot dogs.

Bryan deciding what salmon to get us for dinner

Bryan cooking up dinner and teaching me :)

So yummy

Maury and Kelly patiently waiting for dinner

All four of us eating dinner

Once dinner had settled and we thought we were full, Kelly had to wonderful idea to go to Cold Stone right before they closed! Haha Okay maybe it wasn't only Kelly's idea ;) We had no idea that this could be quite the entertainment for our night. We were the last ones so the workers had some fun with us.

The very first thing is the guy throwing and catching Maury's ice cream in the cup!

KG and I stuffed and exhausted from the day

All together it was a great first day! I loved having such wonderful friends here with us!

Until next time,

Brie :) 

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