Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yankee's Game

Last night Maury and I went to see the Yankee's play the Mariners in Safeco Field.  We thought we might be in the minority of Yankee's fans there, but we were pleasantly surprised to see lots of fans wearing Yankee gear!  Though the lady behind us wasn't to pleased with us and other New York fans, it did provide great laughs to hear the things she was cheering. (Note to crazy lady- Don't be the loudest person if you don't understand the sport!)  

Before the game we decided to treat ourselves to Cheesecake Factory (my favorite!).  They actually have a great happy hour!

After dinner on our way to the game!

The freeway feels like you're driving right into the stadium

The skyline with Quest field 

View from our seats!

The clouds look mean but there was not a single drop of rain

Bill Russel threw the first pitch--Maury was very excited about this!
(He's an NBA Hall of Famer)

Derek Jeter

A-Rod :) 

We loved our seats and the weather was perfect!!

Trying out a new app on my iPhone

Even though the Yankee's lost 4-3 it was still a great game to watch! I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend.  Next week my mom comes to visit for 5 days and I am beyond excited to spend time with her!! :) 

Until next time,

Brie :) 

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